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Placement Wise Best MBA College in Jaipur

Today, MBA is considered one of the best and most successful career options among students after graduation. But, doing MBA from any B-school is not enough. To become successful, it is important that you consider this program from a reputed business school with a good placement record. MBA is a level-playing field for students from almost all backgrounds, be it commerce, engineering, arts or humanities. Apart from the students who have recently completed their graduation, MBA/PGDM is the best career choice for even the working executives who want to expedite their career growth in the corporate sector.

The scenario of MBA placements in Jaipur is amazing, but only a handful of MBA colleges in the city have been able to ensure rewarding and lucrative job opportunities. It is always important to choose the best institute that not only offers excellent academic training but also helps in inculcating the necessary skills required to handle today’s business trends. Well-structured placement infrastructure is another factor that forms a primary basis for the selection of best colleges in Jaipur for an MBA.

Why Choose Jaipur as an MBA Destination?

Jaipur, also known as the Pink City is the capital of Rajasthan and boasts of a rich culture. It is an excellent blend of tradition and modernity. This, and the fact that it houses some of the top MBA colleges in the country makes it a very popular choice for students to study in. The city is an ever-growing hub for education right from the elementary level to the higher education level.

Accommodation and transportation in Jaipur are affordable and of top quality. For those prospective MBA students who want to learn and earn, the city is an ideal destination. One cannot miss how enriching the culinary culture of Jaipur is, so students never have to worry about having a boring meal. Even in terms of safety and security, Jaipur is considered to be one of the safest cities in the country.

The training and placement cell at Tirupati College organizes skill-development workshops and trainings from time to time. These programs help candidates to become industry-ready.

Internship opportunities and industrial trainings are the major part of course curriculum preparing candidates for the global opportunities.

The institute enjoys excellent placement record with many leading companies visiting here for campus placements.

Placements :-The placement cell of Tirupati College organises seminars by experts in the field for the students to learn beforehand so that they excel in their placement phase. There are mock interviews and summer internships that expose the students to the requirements of companies. Top recruiters at IIM include BMW, Deutsche Bank, Ernst and Young, IBM, ICICI Prudential, Infosys, HDFC Bank, WIPRO, TCS, and many more organisations.

Tirupati College is the Best MBA College in Jaipur. The institute offers the best quality management education with a special focus on the overall development of the students.

7 Things To Know, Before Joining A College

College life acts as a great turning point in your career because it’s from here that you are prepared to meet the real world outside. Hence choosing a college or university is one of the most important decisions in the life of a student. While the prospect of attending a reputed and renowned institute seems fun, it is equally important to take various things into account before one settles down with the decision of getting admitted into a particular educational center.

Some aspects of the college I chose were more critical to me than others. It’s up to you to decide which aspects of your dream school are the most important and then find a school that most closely fits what you want out of your college experience.

While academics act as the focal point in your decision in relation to choosing a college or university, there are a lot of other things that an individual has to take into consideration before taking the admission:

Types of Courses Offered:

What if the college is a renowned one but doesn’t offer that particular course you want? For instance, if you are a Science student and want to pursue a course in the same field, you obviously cannot set your eyes on an Arts College. Start making a list of all the institutes through in-depth research on the internet. Obtain information about the types of courses offered, faculty members, facilities, etc. See what types of Majors and Degrees are available in different educational centers. For more information, check their websites and brochures.

Eligibility Criteria:

Different colleges and universities have a particular set of criteria for admission on the basis of which they admit the students for a particular degree course. So a prior preparation is required when it comes to checking the admission criteria of the institution that you desire to be admitted into. For instance, if you have set your eyes on a college or university it won’t be of any use unless your marks fulfill the criteria for admission. The admission criteria typically involve a minimum GPA, standardized test courses and prerequisite course requirements.

Fees Structure and Financial Aids:

Higher education is very expensive nowadays. So sometimes an individual needs to decide his/her institute on the basis of the financial position. Again, many institutes also offer financial aid opportunities in the form of scholarships and concessions. Hence it’s extremely important to take note of all these things before choosing a college or university.


It is practically inconvenient to walk miles and miles to the college or university campus if it’s located at a great distance from where you live. Hence location is another important factor that a student should take into consideration before choosing where he/she should study. Check whether the transport routes are favorable or not. With routes comes the transport fare. Not all of us have a vehicle of our own. Keeping all these factors and circumstances in mind, decide the college.

Campus Facilities:

With academics occupying a central position in a student’s life, it is necessary that a college or university is also good at offering various amenities to the students. For instance, if you are opting for B.A in English, you will definitely want a college or university with a great collection of literary books for reference and research in its library. Apart from the library, a good college or university is expected to have amenities in the form of an up-to-date laboratory, recreation room, Sportroom, yoga room or a gymnasium, expansive computer lab, seminar halls, auditorium, etc.

Jobs and other Hands-on Opportunities:

Colleges and Universities are known for placements. It is here that you can get a lot of recommendations from your Professors and other faculty members on the basis of your potential and caliber. Some colleges incorporate internships and various types of social service programs within their curriculum where students can earn experience, certificates and of course, further recommendations on the basis of their performance. Hence it is worthwhile to consider institutions that can provide you with direct placement opportunities.

Flexibility in timing:

Flexibility when it comes to the college schedule is also an important factor to consider before choosing. There are students who wish to work part-time while pursuing their degree course. Hence look for flexible scheduling options. Check the website for morning and evening classes as some colleges actually offer this option to their students, thereby allowing the latter to work and earn during the time when they are not attending college

Tirupati college is the best college in Jaipur. We focus on the practical training of the students with 100 % placement of our all batches. We have a well-equipped library and a remarkable faculty. For further details, visit our website.

How to Shape Your Career Path With an MBA Degree

Your future immensely depends upon the choices you make in your present. And the choice of career is one of imperative importance. However, our preference for a career path depends on many factors. But sometimes we end up with a compromise instead of choice while making our career decision. In the coming paragraphs, you are going to draw some useful insight on how to choose a good professional degree today for shaping a better tomorrow.

In the current competitive job scenario, choosing a promising degree program is vital to ensure a promising career. This article talks about the importance of an MBA degree to boost your career prospects.

Earning a business master’s degree is one of the best investments you can make when planning for your future. The breadth of career paths open to candidates with a business master’s degree continues to expand as new areas of business emerge. Likewise, as employers seek candidates with in-depth knowledge and experience, more degree options are created to meet the needs of those looking to get ahead in their chosen field.

What opportunities are open to you?

While there are dozens of business master’s degrees available, the Corporate Recruiters Survey Report tells us that one thing remains constant: the skills and knowledge you develop in b-school are in demand around the world. So whatever direction you want to take your career, and wherever you want to work, you’ve got more options to make that happen than ever before. Whether you’re looking to capitalize on new trends in your industry or want to be at the forefront of opportunities in emerging global markets, your path is wide open.

What fields are in demand?

As global issues such as security, trade, climate, health care, and manufacturing evolve, new careers emerge out of necessity. Meanwhile, exciting developments in areas such as technology, logistics, data science, artificial intelligence, and more are influencing traditional business markets. It’s no surprise that businesses around the world are looking for candidates who can not only keep up but also help to set the pace.

Engineering management:-

Infrastructure development is a hot topic as countries work to update aging infrastructure while emerging economies are creating a demand for new people in areas where they haven’t been needed before.

Operations management:-

Saying that operations managers oversee the day-to-day operations of a company seems like an oversimplification. Human resources, raw materials, policy development—these are just a few of the things that an operations team needs to address. There are many opportunities for career specialization within this area alone.

Health care management:-

Healthcare is an industry with an ongoing need for more qualified and dedicated professionals. While doctors, RNs, LPNs, CNAs, and others perform the daily work of patient care, health care administrators make sure those physicians have the resources they need to get the job done.

Financial managers:-

Companies need finance professionals who understand the landscape of technology as it impacts forecasting, investing, payroll, and expenses. Successful companies want someone who can keep them ahead of the technology curve while staying grounded in sound financial management practices.

Tirupati college of technical education is the best MBA college in Jaipur. When it comes to professional training, we are the best in the business. We are well equipped technical college with remarkable faculty on our side. We have 100 % placement in the past three years with all the big companies on our campus. For more information, visit our web page.

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